Beginning with a vision and transformed into reality, Maria Maria is proud to offer and serve homemade Mexican food. Following the fast casual dining concept, we invite you to step up to our menu, order your food, take a seat, and enjoy the surroundings as we make your meal to order. From “family recipe” dishes first enjoyed by both Marias (grandmother and mother) in Mexico to our homemade conchas (sweetbreads), we don’t compromise on either the preparation or cooking process. We will never cut corners; dishes are never “prepped” ahead of time. Whether you choose the Taco Dorado, Maria’s Tostada, or Chicken Mole, you can be assured that it is created for you using only the freshest ingredients. We are passionate, committed, and aim to delight you with fine Mexican food each and every time you visit us. 

Maria Maria

1304 N Monroe St Unit A
Tallahassee, Fl. 32303

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